Our focus is to GET you better and show you and your family how to STAY better.

We adjust and treat your whole body from head to toe on every visit and design easy to do exercises to keep you well and out of pain.  This combination helps you to heal faster and feel great in just a few visits!

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Dr. Melanie Schwietert

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ChiroThin Weight-Loss Program

ChiroThin Weight Loss Program

Lose 20+ lbs. in 6 weeks and heal your life!

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

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Dr. Melanie Schwietert has been featured on the CampExperience Network. Listen to the podcast, Powerful Adjustments for a Purposeful Life on Apple Podcasts or on the CampExperience Network.

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The more you understand your body and how it functions, the better equipped you’ll be at taking care of yourself to achieve sustainable health.

Mention our website and receive the initial exam and consultation for $150!

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